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Hi all,

Is there anyway to create a stickied thread that allows public voting of new ideas so that devs could get a greater sense of the ideas that fans contribute? Does anyone else think that this would be a good idea? Some issues may include what or how ideas would be added, and who would do it. Perhaps dedicated and passionate fans could work with forum admins/devs who may have time to do this for everyone else? 

I don't think it has to be a necessary voting thing that devs has to implement what is voted for (that's not the intention) but instead is a tool for fans and devs to:

1) Organize popular ideas and concepts to improve the game for everyone

2) Provide Devs with a means to gauge fanbase and help articulate suggestions from the community

3) Provide Fans with greater ability to communicate with Devs and their fellow peers.


Just a thought! What do you think all?

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I would definitely like to see a pinned (and locked to non-mods) topic where they can compile and remark on the most common and interesting suggestions without chatter from us interfering.  A vote on certain things for feedback from us would be useful too.

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