Various bugs I've ran into while on someone else's server (PC, Keyboard/mouse)

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Hello, here's a list of different bugs I have discovered while not hosting (playing on someone else's server) on PC with Key/mouse. After is a brief summary of context and other helpful info:


1) multiple truck bugs, e.g. getting into a truck sometimes throws the vehicle into the air, or underground and is ultimately lost while the player(s) respawn or "swim" back to the surface.'

2) Not being able to see the thorn hostile things that can kill you while underground (but host can)

3) Tether placed by self not lighting up, but host's does. May be an issue with connecting non-host tethers to host tethers?

4) not being able to pick up items. Some items, usually crafted items in the backpack, can't be repicked up. It seems like it happens only with some crafted items (not necessarily of type, but when it was created -- host makes it, give to me, I drop can't pick it up; I make it, drop it, can't. Will recheck on this one and revise for more specific!

5) The "trade shuttle" on the trading platform sometimes disappears after use. Host can still see it. There is also still a button to send it off for items to be traded (and it will briefly reappear when it goes back up into the sky again sometimes.)


Also for simplicity here are a few more bugs I've found that happens even on self-hosted server/non-host server:

A) Built small space shuttle with vehicle storage on it, how do you get it off? It's a waste and prevents other stuff from being worked on there (bug or am i oblivious?)

B) Every once in a while the camera will spin around and back to the original facing very quickly.

C) Rover front and back slots (like where charge ports are) not able to be used like trucks.

D) Unknowns get researched but provide no blueprint (all is researched but at least get rid of the blueprint if there isn't anything left and replace with resource?)



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