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My friend and I have been playing a multiplayer session for awhile now. We're on Steam, and we've tried restarting both of our PCs, joining through the main menu as well as through Steam, and turning down their graphics settings to the lowest it goes. He is able to play a single player session, but not join my session. We are currently trying to figure out a possible cause, but he crashes on the loading screen (Loading Solar System) so it's a bit difficult. I know he didn't start crashing until we put an alignment mod on his drill, and it seems he crashed when he got near our base which does have a lot of stuff on it. If it were something to do with the amount of items near the base, then it seems he is caught in an infinite loop of crashing and I don't know how to move his character away from the base for the small time I can see it before he crashes. He is able to join a new world with me, so it definitely seems to be a problem with the world/save file. Please let me know if any further information is needed or is helpful at all!

I have attached my save file, and then got a crash report from his last crash joining my world.

Also I just wanted to gush real quick about how much I adore this game while I have the chance! I hope we can get this problem resolved! Thank you!

EDIT: Forgot to include his hardware specifications. I have attached them now.




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Just felt like I'd also add that we tried rejoining the game after starting a new one and he is still crashing at the loading screen. I saw that was a solution to someone experiencing the same problem, so I felt like I should add that.

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Remove any seats you have attached to any shuttles, this seems to be causing crashing for clients at the moment

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