List of bugs with save file and screenshots

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1.Planets are cutted. (They parts rotated on 90 degrees around center of mass on Z axis)
2.Mouse clicks don't work.
3.Render bugs.
4.In multiplayer need to catch moment when you need join connector to building or car.
(I mean we need specified viewport angle for grabing connector)
5.Time to time the car on high speed collides with it self.
6.Any building scores resources in the ground if they are on the construction site. (when building a construction and on the place where it suppose to appear lay resourse it become unreachable)
7.Voxel generator leaves slits.
8.Mouse point is shakes when camera is rotated.
9.When player is disconnected time to time some parts are continue to be in air.
10.Infinite joining to server.
11.Some time research return void;

^^^ List of bugs
Dropbox >> Save
Dropbox >> Screenshoots

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