Steam version 0.3.10155.0 When I reloaded my game I received a surprise when trying to exit my truck.  I made a backup of the saves that I can upload if they are needed.     Well, I tried saving the game outside my vehicle and this is what happens now.     Well, it seems my save game is completely corrupted.  I went to another planet to see if it would fix the bugs I mentioned above.  I'm no longer dropping from the sky when I load in...  However...  Another bug has reared its' ugly head.  When trying to use the terrain tool to flatten land the cursor movement becomes very erratic.  So erratic that I can not really do anything with it. Traveled to all the planets and the erratic behavior is happening on the Arid, Tundra and Radiated planets.  I think I shall wait to start a new game after the next bug fix update.