Idea how to improve Rovers when driving with co-driver

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i have an idea how to improve control who is in charge in rover, who is controlling driving wheel. 

  • For example
    • when i enter rover first and my friend after me, then im a driver and just me can control rover
    • when i leave the rover for example to mine minerals, then my friend get driving control of rover
    • when i enter my rover back, then my friend have still control of rover and he needs to leave and re-enter rover to give me control
    • Mine idea is:
      • have a context menu on some keyboard shortcut when player in charge in rover can popup this menu and see player sitting in same rover and after clicking on his name, he give him access to drive. And so on same way give access to me for example, when he click on menu on my name, then he gave me control of rover and noone needs to leave and reenter the vehicle.

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Did not think this would be my first post here before absorbing the 260+ posts but the best solution here for this has been done in other games and i will now describe it.
Rather than having the driver go through such a potentially complicated interaction allow passengers to simply hit a single key to request driving rights, The current driver will receive a simple popup request in which the same exact key is used to accept, the user who requested will then become the driver and the previous driver will simply enjoy the ride.

No fuss and exactly what i think we need to make co-op driving a bit more friendly.

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