Glitching space traveling when playing as client, connected to my friend

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Input device: Keyboard & Mouse

Platform: Steam

How i achieve this bug?

  • when i'm connected to my friend and i want to travel to another planet, then my space ship (shuttle) start glitching, for example i see just myself falling to space or just hydrazine fuel. After reaching orbit of planet everythings go fine and i can play normal as before leave my origin planet
  • sometimes when i'm traveling through space to another planet and have this gliching travel, my game just close without any bug report or crash report window.
    • it's littlebit flustrating when you have full large shuttle loaded with large rovers etc and you lost everything. After connecting again, ship is lost, just my inventory stay as before crash.
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  • with new save i can travel smoothly without problems
  • when save is bigger and bigger, then it starts to glitch and sometimes close my game without crash report
  • annoying as hell when you lost large shuttle with cargo, this need to be fixed 
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This bug has happened to us many times. Crashes seem to happen much more often when people are on Novus or are close to the core of a planet and when the host isn't in the ship. This would be tolerable if the ship were recoverable, if it and its passenger returned to their original location with all of its resources. As it is, this completely ruins the game, causing players to lose the ship and everything aboard.

I expected this to happen when Astroneer was still prerelease. Since the game was declared 1.0, I would hope that game-breaking bugs would take precedence over recoverable issues, like rendering problems, or new feature development.

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I submitted a bug report to System Era. They said this can happen if a shuttle is carrying extra seats. For now, the solution is to not put extra seats in shuttles. They said they hope to have it fixed in the next few weeks.

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