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WInch Bug- Objects won't move after towing

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I am playing on a Windows PC, through Steam

So I was playing on Astroneer yesterday, when I finally researched the winch. I made one, slapped it on my truck, and went to go get one of the giant crashed solar panels. I towed it back to my base and started trying to get it into the right position. Eventually it flipped over, and when I tried to flip it back with the winch it refused to move. I tried for a while to get it unstuck, but nothing work. I spent a further 30 minutes this morning trying, but nothing is helping. Also, my winch itself has thrown out multiple cables, neither of which disappear, even when I put in on a shuttle and fly into space. No clue what happened there. Please help me devs.



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Having the same issue. Most objects that used to be movable once unearthed now float in place once the surrounding dirt is removed. Would appreciate help if anyone has pointers/fixes :) Great game devs

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So my solar panel is still stuck floating in space, but the multiple cables that my winch had all disappeared. It is now working perfectly normal again for no apparent reason. I think it did so because of the buggy panel, but that's just my theory

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Hi SystemEra,

Love the game!!

+1 I am having the same exact issue with my Solar Panel. It won't move after it has been unearthed. The first time I experienced this bug, it was with a chair.

  • Xbox 1 from a previously saved game
  • What were you doing leading up to this bug?
    • I just made discovered a crashed solar panel. I unearthed it only to realize that I need a truck with a winch to move it back to my base.
    • Then I spent the next 3 hours making new discoveries to get the option to build winch and truck, as well as collecting enough resources to build them. I never left the game, but saved multiple times. 
  • Any steps that we can take to reproduce the bug on our end is appreciated.
    1. Unearth a larger discovery crashed solar panel or ship. 
    2. Save  game
    3. Reload game
    4. This item will not be moveable.
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