Multiplayer Bug when user Joins

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The person that joins my game will crash to desktop, now they cannot even join. This was happening during planet transfer at first, could rejoin.  Now they crash to desktop immediately, only started after the recent patch, and gphx card update.



  1. Give us as much information about the bug as possible:
    1. Mouse/keyboard? Controller?   
    2. Steam? Xbox?
    3. What were you doing leading up to this bug? See above.
    4. Any steps that we can take to reproduce the bug on our end is appreciated.  Planet transfer, and now just joining my game. Co-op person crashes to desktop, no screen error.
  2. Include any media you want. Feel free to attach images, videos, and so on to your post.

Finding bugs and ironing them out is crucial to the game being a success and we really appreciate any time and effort you put in to your bug reporting so thank you in advance.



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This may be related to a bug where having chairs attached to storage seems to be crashing clients - if the host can remove them you should be able to load in again!
If not, please feel free to hit me up at

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had this happen to our multiplayer PC save. The host removed the chairs from storage platforms that were in a rocket, and all is ok. Thanks Marc.

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