Terrain generated by Leveling Block is the wrong orientation

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I noticed that the cubes generated by the Leveling Block go in the wrong direction and are angled. In contrast, the screenshot in the announcement for the update shows it going upright, which I assume it's supposed to do.


What's shown in the picture below was made entirely with the Leveling Block (notice how it's crooked compared with the player's viewpoint):20200313124329_1.thumb.jpg.1f7072b0469e486c74b2795cb7f90337.jpg

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I have found that the thing gives you an angled surface unless you are in close proximity to either the North or South pole. Everywhere else on the planet it gives you the "angled" surface. I have not found any way to adjust/reorient the cube so it can give you a flat surface elsewhere on the planet. It would certainly be helpful if there was a way to do that though.

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