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Okay so i have been playing Astroneer alot here the past month and i really enjoy the game. The game has some good graphics and from what i can see "you" the developers are always working to make the game more fun and entertaining. But! There is one thing i find anoying. Its the desktop logo. In my opninion it just looks like shit sry to say. And i am just asking for a new one i made an example you can see down in the thread. And sry for the file name tho...

And no! I don't think im better than any of the developers this picture is just an example since the other picture doesn't tell me "Hey this is Astroneer".
anyway this was just one thing i don't like about it and it doesn't even has anything to do with the game itself but i really enjoy playing the game so keep up the good work!

Currently Used Logo:


Example Logo:


I used a big image to make sure for a good resolution. But you gotta use the ico file.


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