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Confused and need help

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Hey all,

So I have played Astroneer since day one.. took a break for awhile but have come back in the last week after all the updates.. started a new world all is fine..

But I am confused a little and had to make an account to ask this question..

A friend of mine and i were out in 2 large rovers exploring.. i stopped to get out and look at stuff.. he was behind me making his way up the mountain with a drill 3 mod and paver on the front of his truck and ran into / over my truck which i was out of at the time.. when I turned around my truck was gone...

We though it was burried so we dug down and couldnt find it.. half the mountain is now gone looking for it with not sign of it at all..

Was the truck destroyed by the drill 3? was it burried some how deeper then it should have?

There was no cave under my truck it was full solid ground, there is a large cave area further down but not near where it vanished..

thanks in advance for any help you can all provide..

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Welcome... back? Your issue is a new one to me. When this happened, were you looking at your rover, or in some other direction? Did you happen to have a beacon attached to it that was turned on? Did the other player see it fly off into the air, or perhaps, sink into the ground when he ran into it? The flying off and sinking issues have happened before, but for one to just disappear is something new to me. 

If it did have an operating beacon attached, and it didn't just disappear, you may still be able to find it somewhere on your planet. Take a shuttle up and orbit the planet looking for a beacon where none should be. If you see one, go find that mystery beacon, and hopefully, it leads you to your missing rover. Good luck, and happy rover hunting!

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