Bugged vehicles falling into the ground

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I came back from a 4 hour expedition of finding research (because I got lost and after a while you cannot see the beacon for your base) and saw my rover and shuttle fall through the ground into the abyss of nothingness. I then immediately died for no reason and crashed. Pls help!

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Happens when you leave the planet in a shuttle and return as well. I dod find one thing though, I glitched out of the map on purpose and saw where truck was, dug a bloody great big hole and chanced upon it, had an even harder time diggin my way up, and was never so happy to see pixelated sky in my life!! 4 hours!! Anyway silly me left planet and thought if truck was hooked up to satation it would be ok but nope! 

GOOD NEWS? Followed the hole I dug before and there it was! So it seems to end up in same spot each time which is handy after all that!

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