MP Bug Horror Show (w/ pics)

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Just had my first multiplayer session with my bud. Really fun to play with someone else! However there are so many bugs I can't even describe. I took some screenshots to explain it better.

specs: windows 10 pro, 16gb ram, GTX770, i74770k



First and foremost: me and my pal were able to get oxygen from a single tether on the wall. Quite strange. I wonder if it tries to send the oxygen from my tank to his and vice-versa, but it doesn't compute very well and the result is an infinite oxygen supply while the 2 are connected.


Some items didn't seem to render for me. These were oxygen supplies.


My friend was the host, so he had no issues with vehicles. As for me, it was kinda hard to drive from underneath the rover. Specially in caves since the lights didn't turn on (maybe because they are set to turn on when someone is seated INSIDE the vehicle)


Suddenly my car wiggled a bit and disappeared. Where did it go? Oh, up there! Also for some reason the wheels where floating apart from the vehicle itself.


After building a bridge to the sky and approaching the vehicle, it felt down on his own. For me it didn't show any wheels on it, but my friend said he could see them so he drove it away. On my screen the rover became a hover, without wheels floating over the surface.20161227012645_1.jpg

"What are you laughing of?" asked my confused friend


A little later my rover disappeared again. I was inside a cave and couldn't find it for the life of me. Later in the session my friend spotted it floating over a mountain. I had 2 rovers connected so you see one of them still inside the cave.


I love the game and even some of these bugs. But I really think the game would be better without them. Not sure if these are known issues but here are they in case they help. Cheers!


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