Suggestion for small QoL improvements

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A set of smol and smol-medium ideas that keep coming into my mind when I play.

  • Oxygen filters and power cells should be used after all oxygen tanks / batteries are used up, so there is at least some reason to carry them around when you have access to better variants (e.g. as an emergency power source in case you fall into a deep pit and run out while building ramps to get back). Additionally, oxygen filters should only trigger when all o2 tanks are depleted and backpack's built-in tank is down to 30%.
  • Most likely already known but still: Medium storage silos require model rework. Right now, if you place them in adjacent t2 slots, items on sides intersect, making storage interaction really annoying. It looks crappy as well. I suggest making medium silos flat, or making them longer (4 rows 6 slots each instead of 6 rows of 4 slots).
  • There should be a way to choose and correct own orbit, and some kind of navigation UI in orbital view. Waiting for the whole planet to turn around after missing a landing site is obnoxious.
  • There should also be a way to trigger different items on vehicle front slot separately. Example: when the back slot is inaccessible, left and right sides of the front slot become associated with C and V buttons respectively, giving you ability to toggle your drill OR your floodlight.

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