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Crafaible Navigation Satellites & GPS Items...

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It seems to me that, along with all the other high tech things we can craft from various resources, we should be able to craft some type of Navigation Satellites and GPS equipment. 

This single or multi slot piece of equipment could then be mounted on the backpack or vehicle to provide a top center HUD that would display a compass bar with direction/distance markers for Shelters & Beacons placed about the planet.  It could also display the players altitude (above or below ground). 

This would also require a short user editable text display to be added to each Shelter/Beacon placed that would also be displayed by the system.

As for an inconvenience ... the backpack device when activated could use allot of power (like the Portable Oxygenator) requiring it to only be activated when necessary.  The GPS would also require the crafting & launching of a certain number of Navigation Satellites (crafted separately) before it would work.

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