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No oxygen consumed while warping

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Hi Astroneer team,

I love playing Astroneer. I have one suggestion to improve quality of life.
Could you please pause oxygen consumption during the warp animation OR allow custom naming of warp points. Often I have to teleport once or twice to get to the right warp point on a world as my memory is not great. So I can't remember where I left my car....

Most of my warp points don't have an oxygen source nearby. So I end up dying while trying to find the right warp point. It's frustrating, but it shouldn't have to be.



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Lemme just make a note of that... 



Also, oxygen tank. You'd struggle to deplete that in a couple of jumps. Or just go back to the core if you're running low. Or use a filter. Or a portable o2 generator. Or deploy a tractor at every warp point. 

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