How the heck do you make a smelter?

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        I've just started playing the game again after a very long time and can't figure out how to make the smelter. I looked it up and found that the medium printer is supposed to be able to make it, but when I scroll through the things the medium printer can make, the smelter isn't one of them. I've also looked through all the items listed in the backpack and the smelter isn't one of them. Can anyone help? Thanks.

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what is wrong with your memory, man? you asked this six months ago, and got a perfectly good reply back then. i get it, you've been away, perhaps you've even slept since then, but that thread and it's answer is still there. go check it out. go on, check it, i can wait.

see? still there.

look, we all have stuff we need to sort sometimes. family issues, run in's with the law, religious epiphany. perhaps the GF put little Modred478 in the zone unless you put down the controller for a while. i myself spent five months incarcerated in a Lithuanian madman's dungeon eating only woodlice and hair oil whilst being forced to enact the part of Chandler from  'Friends' - and not the good seasons either, the later ones. but you can be sure that when i got myself back to the grind, i checked out those forums for any replies to my many previous questions about game etiquette.

there weren't any, by the way. i have no friends here. my life is so empty. it's a good job i still have my Lithuanian friend on speed dial. Bing!

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