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So, we all know at times Astroneer can be truly stunning, and sometimes even beautiful

Some examples can be the sunset on sylva or calidor

Anyways, something iv'e had on my mind for a while was that there are some additions (major and small) that can be added to enhance your experience as an astroneer on alien planets

M first Idea was the potential of adding screen effects when, for example, its windy. It can feature dust particles if on calidor, or ice crystals/snow on glacio located on the edge of our screen

It would look similar to the way it looks when you take damage and a red film surrounds your camera, but instead of the red film, imagine this:

Its mildly windy on calidor this evening and as the wind blows, sand whips across your camera (you could even hear the 'tinks' of the sand hitting the imaginary glass) ever so slightly as to not blind your vision; its only some light dust after all, no need to go crazy. The amount of dust on the screen would directly correlate with the light wind and would only be a thin layer encrusting the outer most parts of the screen itself (maybe if storms came back in a better permutation the dust can get to extreme levels)

After not 'wiping' off the screen for a while (maybe by just using the smart cursor while also holding the interact button for about 1-2 seconds), the dust can build up to, eventually, blinding levels, getting more tougher to wipe off as time goes (there can even be a cute little towel symbol to show that your cursor is in "wipe mode")

That's it for now I guess (I literally JUST forgot my train of thought XD)

What do you think? Is there a better way to do this? Things to add? Maybe this is a stupid Idea? Idk, but reply if you think this is worth any sort of thought

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Nice idea, +1, but this should be an optional feature since the game already consumes a lot of FPS, but other than that it would be really cool to have this. I doubt SES will see this though, I mean its a very minute detail but it does a huge difference to the gameplay. Hope they see this post.

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