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Constant Game Crash / Freeze after the 1.9.8 Update! (PLATFORM: Xbox One Digital Edition)

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Hello Dev Team and Astroneers,


After the recent update ( 1.9.8 ) i have noticed a constant bug.

I've created a new world, played for while and i have decided that it is time to go and see another planet.

I have printed the following: Small Shuttle, Landing Pad, 1st Thruster.

Near the platform with the shuttle on, i have a Buggy, with no seat and a solar panel on the left side of it.

After i have placed the shuttle / landing pad everytime i pass by my buggy my game freezes / crashes. To keep in mind that i have taken off the seat of the buggy with the Packer, maybe it helps on finding the error.

I saw that many people complain about this and said they've experienced this from the recent update ( 1.9.8 ).


Please do something, this is an amazing game, i have worked a lot on my world and i do not want to lose my progress, love the game!


P.S. The 1.9.8 update that was suposed to free you mostly of the lag on console while playing multiplayer / singleplayer has no effect, is the same thing, feels like nothing has changed.

Thank you for your time spent in reading this.



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