Rover and other vehicles disapear

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Ok. I know it is actually a physics issue mr Dev people. I had built a huge truck for gathering resources, and a small rover for cave spelunking. While I was out gathering resources I came back to my base and saw my rover launch into the air when it was rendered. And when it came back down I saw it go down through the world and get caught in the cave below my base. I then dug it back out, and this time when I left I attached it to my base with a tether thinking that would help anchor it, but it didn't... I left to gather resources and came back to it being gone again.. I dug underneath where it was parked and did not find it this time. ALSO.. I had built a spaceship that was sitting there forever.. then when I came back from gathering resources the last time my rocket ship had disappeared as well. This ship had not launched or left the base at all. It had just been sitting there and hadn't disappeared the first time I left like the rover did.. However, I must add that it disappeared once I finished the cockpit and left causing it to re-render... Maybe the bug is tied to the cockpits and driver seats.

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