Patch 1.9.8 on XBOX ONE is WORSE than it's ever been in months!

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To the devs that will hopefully be reading this,

If you read the thread on patch 1.9.8 you'll see the countless people complaining about the crash upon save when entering a shuttle or rover (ps4 also). I've played already more than a dozen attempts and it's the same sad situation for me.

When the game is freshly loaded, the frame rate is at its best for a short while, I can enter a shuttle or rover, for the first time and it's all good, game will save. A few minute later, on the second attempt to save by entering a shuttle/rover things get a little rusty, frame rate drops drastically however 95% of the time, the game saves succesfully.

By the third/fourth time I enter the rover/shuttle to save the game, it crashes 100% of the time and sends me to the Xbox home screen no matter what planet/area I was in.

I've been playing long since the alpha releases and the saving situation has always been pretty tricky, scary and risky. I'm always rolling the dice hoping the game doesn't crash or that I haven't progressed too much since my last attempt to save. This is not normal. But now, with patch 1.9.8, the game is worse than ever, some would say unplayable and it truly saddens me.

Mind you, my save is quite big (14.1 mb) however even at that, it's no excuse. Building a world for yourself in this game is what it's all about!


Also, the patch notes say:

Low Storage UI

On Xbox and PC, if a save fails for any reason you should now see a popup notifying you of it. The pause menu will display error information about the last failed save. If it fails to save on quit, it will abort the quit, notify you that the save failed, and prompt you again to see if you want to cancel the quit or actually quit.


I have absolutely no idea what you guys mean by this. Do you mean when we save from the menu screen? What about when we enter a shuttle/rover? A shuttle/rover save happens at least 10 times more often than a menu save.

When you enter a shuttle/rover for the third or fourth time, the Xbox crashes, the Xbox returns to the home screen and you lose EVERYTHING since your last successful attempt to save. There is no popup or notification of any sort to save me from this absolute nightmare. 

I took the time to write this detailed message because I truly care for this game and I can proudly say it's one of the best games I have ever played however I've reached a tipping point. I don't mind if the game stalls for a bit (as it usually does) to be able to save successfully as long as it doesn't crash.

Cmon guys, you can do this! Who cares about tethers celebrating Christmas or the Chinese New Year for now. Let's focus on what matters most: being able to save the game without worry.

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