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Congratulations on the Holiday Event, But...

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Hey all,

My sincerest congratulations to SES for the apparent success of the holiday event. There were pretty impressive numbers from some of us in the community!

Having said that, I wish to express my concerns for future events and updates.

I've noticed a pattern of updates introduced by SES as being "fetch" type of events: you go somewhere, "fetch" an object and come back to base. Besides the goal of helping out for charity, I personally found the event pretty unsatisfying, and event at some point it just became plain torture to drive through Glacio for hours and hours on end just looking for toys, mining graphite and making packages. Obviously we saw a few people with numbers in the hundreds of thousands, and that's great, but what does your telemetry tell you about the majority? I wonder how many players just did enough to unlock the cosmetics and did not bother to continue. Would you have achieved the goal without that 2X points weekend?

Astroneer already is one big "fetch" game with us looking for resources to bring back to base. I know you guys are creative. Please don't make "fetch" events a trend.

Food for thought...

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i am one of those who didnt really engage with the holiday challenges. my major excuse is that my old game save was borked from an update and i was just starting out a new game - it's fine chasing down charity points when you've got an established game and you're looking for new interest, but in the early game you have more important stuff to sort before you can go off chasing toy robots.

I'm not anti-charity - i recognize the value of the work done to support a good cause and i genuinely admire it - but let's face it, it's not the future of the game, is it? unless something dramatic changes, i cant see players doing much of this unless it's an occasional one-off.

your point about the nature of the task is a good one, but it rather strikes to the heart of the issue, which is, the nature of tasks within the game in general. there is a lack of 'bigger picture' gameplay (possibly driven by narrative imperatives) and a focus on simple, repetitive tasks, and the Devs seem resolutely unwilling to face up to or address this. events like this last one, regardless of it's good intentions, feel too much like distractions from that issue.

my hope is that, in the future of Astroneer, the overall gameplay is evolved to be much more engaging and satisfying, and that these occasional charity events can continue to remain simple as a 'palate cleanser' from a much richer game.

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