Auto save function - Im very sad. (more than before)

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SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO........ lets just say that umm I was playing for FIVE HOURS and umm... my game crashed. and I never saved (got in house or vehicle or died)..... so ummmm i lost all of my progress. I might not play for a while now idek.

THis is why the game needs an auto- save feature. It is prone to crashing, even on not horrible pc's. SO PLEASE DEVELOPERS ADD AN AUTO-SAVE FEATURE


things i lost if anyone was curious

  • probs like 10,000 bytes
  • a large shuttle
  • the big cylinder storage
  • right before i was bouta make and unlock the small cylinder storage is when my game crashed.
  • 2 diamonds
  • tons of soil i had to collect for my soil centrifuge
  • organizing my power stuff a tiny bit
  • building something at the core of sylva

notes (p.s.) :

  • my game crashed when changing windows to youtube on chrome although i was already doing that like a hundred times
  • I did toy present collecting and got the snowman face, and its the only thing i didn't lose. (so i got back the items that i used to get those presents (packagers))

I crashed another time like a week ago but didnt lose progress so........

just ugh * ^ *

k well thats all i remember, probs update this later if i find/remember anything else. 


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