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My first mod I can think of is the energy transfusion mod. Collecting soil with the Terra tool will produce energy instead of Soil in canisters.

My second one I can think of is a Charged energy bolt mod. Yeah I know there are no guns but the Terra tool is practically already a Canon. So instead let it shoot energy balls from canister soil. It only stuns other players doesn't kill them. A way to get bad players to stop messing with other players. Or hurt it either or.

Micro field generation mod. Micro fields are compressed wavelengths created near the edge of a Event Horizon. However micro Fields can evaporate. So basically players can make solid invisible walls that eventually disappear. Using energy or soil. Can help make floating islands. Waves cannot build in suspended space they can only be built off of solid matter.

Microtesla receiver. This mod allows you to collect remote energy from Tesla coils from a previous. Suggestion earlier.


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