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I play with my two friends. After about 20 hours of the game, we found out that due to my unstable and slow 3g / 4g internet, each of us drops the frame rate in the game, including the host, but there are no problems when playing without me.

Also, my game works fine at maximum settings, the problem is exclusively in the cooperative. 

Due to the slow synchronization with me there were several bugs:
 - pressing the start button for researching the material, the process does not start, and when the host clicks this button, everything works;
 - after using the teleport to another point on the current planet, my friend and I (we are clients) took damage similar to the damage from a fall and died right in the portal after teleportation;
 - 2 times I had a problem with flying to another planet and it consisted in the fact that the new solid fuel engine was enough to reach the main planet link of the teleport;
 - when moving quickly around the planet by transport or gliding into a cave due to a long download through of my slow Internet, the other client and host will experience a significant decrease in frame rate

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