What if you could use soil to 3d-print bricks…

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What if you could combine Soil with the 3d-printers to print Lego Duplo-style bricks for building structures.

I was playing around with the sculpting tools in Creative Mode recently and whilst it is a lot of fun it is quite tricky to make the tools do what you want them to do. At least, on PS4 it is tricky perhaps better on PC. I am sure with practice I would get better but what if you could collect soil and print bricks using the printers instead. 

The bricks would need to be quite large (think Duplo rather than Lego) otherwise building with them could be a chore. Different color soil produces different color bricks. A range of different size and shape bricks could initially be produced utilizing the different size printers. Bricks 'snap' together utilizing the current snapping system. Placing the first brick on the ground initiates a small deformation transformation (just like the large shelter) the bottom of the brick 'merging' with the soil to provide a solid flat foundation on which to build.

My initial thought was to potentially print whole structures using soil using a new larger tier of printer that can move around on wheels like one of those massive cranes for loading/unloading cargo containers or attaching a printer to the crane (see the Northwestern video below for an example of how this would work) but that would require fashioning a new printer with new mechanics. Printing bricks would I believe build on the mechanics already in-game. 

The idea of shaping the landscape in order to create larger spaces (rather than simply printing a larger single piece structure) as it is theorized regarding future Moon/Mars colonization missions really appeals to me. Utilizing the landscape. This system could conceivably be extended to produce other items: glass for window panels, aluminum for roofing panels, plastic for wall panels…

I have to admit there isn't currently much of a need for a base building system like I am suggesting. I simply believe it would really good fun to make things using such a system but there really isn't a gameplay driven need for building structures… until weather/storms are re-implemented or you wanted to recreate a different biome on an otherwise incompatible planet so you could farm organics natural to that biome… but I digress.

If hazards were re-introduced structures would definitely have more use but for now it would be fun extension to the current terrain sculpting system! Maybe that alone is enough?


A few interesting related links:








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3 hours ago, [7S]Vilynn said:

Interesting idea, but I don't see much of a practical use for it.

I agree. Even though it was my suggestion! I am into the idea though of sculpting (or printing) on a much larger more industrial scale. The Paver/Drill combo allows for something of this. The crane/printer in image below (taken from the Northwestern link above) looks uncanny, very similar to the crane in game! It got me thinking… But again, I agree, there isn't much practical use in the game as it is currently for large scale structures. Maybe if hazards were reintroduced, if they are reintroduced. Big 'if' there. 🙂

Screen Shot 2020-01-10 at 8.56.49 PM.png

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