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I think it would be a great idea to have auto-placing tethers.

Something you can easily turn on and off in your backpack.

They would auto-place right when you get to the max range between tethers.

I am suggesting this because when I am exploring and using tethers for oxygen, I have to guess when the perfect moment is to place a tether, WHILE RUNNING. You don't want to wait too long before it won't connect to the previous tether and you don't want to place it too early so that you use more tethers than was necessary. It is annoying when I place a tether out of range and have to turn around to fix it, especially on pc. It would make exploring a lot smoother, saving compound and time.

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Well, can't find it neither ;)

Was more like "hold button to auto tether" if i recall correctly - but the same principle as you suggested (or as implemented in factorio)

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