Game saying i am offline but i am not... getting achivements but not getting any skins, cosmetics etc.

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I have completed nearly all awakened achievements, i got achievements but no skins, cosmetics etc.

Also i found one probe i inserted probe scanner and nothing happened,  probe scanner just disappeared.

I did Awakening challenges in multiplayer, 1 probe and  2 awakenings in singleplayer.  My PC is running win 10.

Please help, anything you know about it will help.

I am playing with same skins for long time and i would like to customize my astronaut a bit.


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This post addresses firewall issues, most likely the cause of your issue. The customisation service is separate from other parts of the game, and requires a connection to the game's background servers. Your progress is recorded on your account, so when the game goes online you'll get the suits and colours you've unlocked.  




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