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Sorry if my english is bad I'm a french guy.

My idea is to add to every machines a button wich toggle a loop process. In other word, when you push this button the machine will run until there's no more resources to run( it will wait like a few seconds and then shutdown if he hasn't enough resources or places to put the result. It will be usefull for the soil centrifuge, the printers, the chemistry lab, ... Because you always need to push the button everytime it's over but if you have like 5 of them it become difficult to manage to do it.

Thanks for reading.

I'm sorry if this idea has been already proposed.


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on the control panel have a display for the number of items you want made, so long as the resources are available, it will spit them out.  similar to the atmospheric condenser, though that will continue to run until there is no more storage.

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16 hours ago, Igoooor said:

Maybe you could push "start" multiple times to increase the number of items produced...

As the button turns into stop this won't work.

Maybe a "push and hold to lock" - push for 2 seconds to set for infinite production

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I think automation should be "tactile" in this game. E.g. if you want automate insert some T1 items in automation slots, or upgrade building with T1 building mods to process more than one operation at a time.
The main reason I play this game is "tactile" inventory management. Straightforward automation will kill this core game feature.

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