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I think it would be awesome if the terrain tool settings could be fine tuned a little.  In many cases it is very unwieldy to have to use the single-setting for the tool spread; it would be great if you could dial the spread up or down (kind of like the adjustment on a flashlight) so the circular area gets bigger or smaller.  Also, it might be nice if the strength of the dig (or fill) tool could also be adjusted.  As it stand right now, creating smooth surfaces that are accessible by the rover or truck are extremely difficult.  Also, filling in surface dig spots to reclaim ground is also very tedious.

Being able to make fine-tuning adjustments on the tool would make a lot of things a lot simpler and more straightforward.  I realize that learning to use the tool is part of the game, but finer adjustments would make the tool more flexible and ultimately less frustrating to use.

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