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More elaborate tech in astroneer could increase the range of capabilities that players could to with it.

Research Items could require something else to collect the bytes, like fiber cable and wireless transmitters. Stories could also exist in old camp ruins, you could collect their bytes, maybe even recover special blueprints.

More vehicles like Motorcycles and aircrafts can be useful. Large land vehicles like rovers and tractors will require some clearing to make paths. Aircrafts will help evade obstacles, motorcycles can be small enough to avoid the trees, and hauls the only important asset in the entire game; the player.

Probes and small satellites that can be built and launched could help the players communicate with one another and could control probes on other planets so they could control cameras, probes, controls for automation lines for factories. Relays can support and improve signals. Satellites could even allow oversight which can allow players to figure out where they are.

Small T1 tools:

Fiber cable: acts like a winch but it can link to Data banks and terminals. Activating this tool in a tool slot will place the exposed end of the fibercable on the ground, the players can pick up the end and connect it to a open data port.

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