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OK. I know this is an ongoing issue because I have seen messages on the Internet for over eight months on this: Astroneer has the evil habit of crashing on save every third or fourth save. This has been true for several versions now, and is still a problem. For the record, my system just updated two days ago, but I don't have that version right at hand because in my frustration, I TURNED OFF ASTRONEER.

Developers, TAKE NOTE: Not fixing a Crash on Save bug IS A BIG DEAL, AND WILL LIKELY LOSE YOU ALL YOUR CUSTOMERS, NOW AND IN THE FUTURE. It doesn't help your cause when it takes FIVE MINUTES to get the game up and running again. Talk about a buzzkill!

BTW: For those who will send me references to existing bugs, or existing discussions, I say this: "As a paying customer, I should not have to search some website for long discussions about the intricacies of programming, etc. I expect to play a game and NOT HAVE IT CRASH WHEN I TRY TO SAVE. Astroneer is NOT FOSS."

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