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It would be really amazing if Space Stations would get added to Astroneer as a major update when Astroneer 2.0 releases. By that I mean add the ability to build space stations in orbit of a planet by first building specific modules on the ground and taking a rocket to space, deploying those modules in E.V.A. from your rocket. By modules I would expect the required ones needed to deploy a functional station would be an airlock, a main hub, a life support module, and a workshop module. As far as the job required modules that you could deploy and build onto your custom station would be stuff like a research bay, a docking port/docking bay, a remote communication facility to be able to command your ground base on the planet you are orbiting (range depending on the satellite dish you have installed), etc. The whole point of Space Stations would be that you can scan the planet’s terrain easily to see where resources and stuff are and be able to collect research objects and resources throughout space from stuff like asteroids or abandoned space stations that are wrecked. This would be a really amazing and cool update in my opinion.

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I mean, I like the idea of a space station to take cool screenshots. But scanning resources doesn’t really make sense since it already shows you what each planet has and so does the encyclopaedia. Scanning research items is kinda useless since they can be found really easily and Exo ones would be encased in metal so it wouldn’t really make sense.

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I ended up blowing up on the wrong forum topic thinking it was this one I clicked on XD sry.

But here anyways!

3 minutes ago, EmeraldGamerr said:

First off, +1


if you delve into the depths of this forum, you can see that this has already been suggested in, no offence, better permutations

I absolutely LOVE this Idea and it holds a lot of potential, but this is something they can add later in the games life

An update like this would take MASSIVE amounts of time (No offence to the SES Dev Team) unless the players want it sooner and it to be filled with bugs

Many new mechanics would have to be introduced such as advanced gravity, which would be a cool update on its own if it were released

*Ex: low gravity on the moons and lots of gravity on more difficult planets

Not only that, but they would then need to decide whether or not the players should be allowed inside the space station, which if they did, that would mean that they ignored all of the times we asked for permission to build extra large shelter to go inside and decorate, which I know, Isn't true

A new movement system would have to be put in place for movement in 0 G's, they would have to determine how late game this would be (If too late, there's no point), what tier the space station would be in the crafting menu which, in itself, is a large... LARGE issue

If they did make a new printing tier, they probably wouldn't just make it for this update, unless there are more platforms and shredders that can only be exclusively crafted with this

They would have to decide what purpose it would serve if it was an early game thing, how many resources it would need, WHAT resources it would need, how difficult it would be to launch it (A way to launch it into orbit in general), how accessible it would be to the player, what its benefits would be, where to place the space station (ie. in space, in orbit, around a moon), whether its movable or not, if it can become damaged over time...

So yeah, although I would LOVE to see this, its just too large scale of a dream to accomplish within the coming updates

Heck, I didn't even cover the asteroid belt;

Where it would be, How to maneuver around (whether with the new 0 G movement system or with a smaller shuttle), how long it should take a player to completely explore it, how it would render into view from other planets,

-side note: ever wonder why you can't see beyond the horizon on a planet/moon? It's because its round. An asteroid belt would have to be HUGE for it to encircle a few planets and the sun at the same time, and because of that, it would practically be flat from a first person view (3rd, rather😛)

How gravity would work, whether the asteroids should move, what resources the asteroids would contain (if too advanced, there wouldn't be a reason to stop off at other planets), which way is up (similar to super Mario galaxy, maybe?), what material the asteroids would be (how hard, really), determine if the player can even BREATHE in the vacuum of space since there is no oxygen for an oxygenator to collect in space rendering tethers useless (maybe an advanced O2 tank?), how lighting would work, how beacons would react to not being on the surface of a planet, if a player can place a shelter, what types of hazards there should be...


Man, that's alot

Again, I love this Idea, and so does the rest of the community I can assure you, but I just see it bringing a new sort of... standard? Level? EXPERIENCE of gameplay that the game just doesn't have/can't handle right now

But I can sympathize that many of us would rather them work on hosting issues and lag instead 😉

We as the community will never turn down an update like this, but many would agree that the base game still needs a Tiny  bit of polishing before they move onto something as large as that

Welcome to the forums btw, post more often why don't ya? 🙃


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In that logic updates aren’t needed either to make the game more fun. And no one is talking about just building one nor did I mean the loading screen one that does nothing, the reply above is a better idea of it.

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I could see a space station used for more of a social space. Give you a break from mining and terra forming...not sure about building one though, Especially if new planets are a thing.

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Yes please!

It would be good for the game IMHO to have more things to build in general and perhaps one of those things is a space station. A number of times whilst playing through the main quest line I thought it would be useful to have an orbital hub of some sort to store stuff or quickly produce something as I move around from planet to planet. A sort of orbital 'half-way house' (historical: an inn midway between two towns…) that would require less fuel to reach than a planet to planet journey.

But as EmeraldGamerr has already said it feels like a massive undertaking from a development point of view. That doesn't mean it won't happen mind you! I am no expert (well, at least not at game development…) but it does feel like a lot of work. Hopefully I am wrong because I do think the game would benefit from some big (like, really big) long term items/projects to sink resources and Bytes into and a fully customizable modular space station (or space stations) might just be one of those things!

Somewhat related (and perhaps more achievable) might be satellites. We already have the Trade Platform and the EXO Research Aid platform (both good foundations for a satellite launcher) so it isn't too much of a stretch to imagine they might be possible. I mentioned this idea in another thread (so apologies for the rehash but your idea feels related) whereby satellites could provide a solution to the much requested mini-map (of lack thereof) whilst maintaining the spirit of the game in the form of satellite photography. 

There is precedent for this in NASA's Earth photography program which is pumping out spectacular imagery every day royalty free in high resolution. Website link below. Interesting are the different forms of imagery generated by the satellites such as thermal images. I mention this because you mentioned (OP) something about scanning for resources. Perhaps satellites in game could be outfitted with different types pf cameras and sensors (so, customizable) that could roughly detect different types of resources as well as sending back images of the surface (tapping into the camera mechanic) to assist way finding and navigation and finding resources above ground. If storms were to be re-introduced a weather satellite might be useful… 🙂 

+ 1 from me for Spacestations! Love it. It feels like a lot but could be fantastic and as I said I think the game does need a few more larger big picture projects/items to sink resources and Bytes into developing. Brilliant game, absolutely love it and can't wait to see where it goes…


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Haha yes :) I would love seeing my Astroneer float around in the stations. Or maybe we could go in the stations for like a place to save or just a free float around. 

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