Terrain de-sync is back, and Frosty visor won't change back to normal visor.

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System = HP Omen i7 gaming laptop, wireless Logitech mouse and keyboard.

 After playing Project Cheer for several hours on Sylva then Glacio, returned to base on Glacio, had terrain re-spawned partially in cave entrance I had dug previously. Removed that terrain, went down to first cave level and saw re-spawned terrain as seen in pic. I had entered this cave when first arriving on Glacio during this session, no problems with terrain. I then returned to Sylva, tried to switch out of Frosty visor, could not. The visor changes, but 3-D elements are still there no matter which visor, suit, or palette combination I select. Thanks, and hope this helps.



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Would you mind sending me your save file by emailing it to Support@SystemEra.net? If Terrain desyncs are back that's something we'd want to look into ASAP!
Please try to send the save when you're near the terrain that you noticed come back too!

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