The Completionist Gamer in me is sad this Christmas: PAX East and West codes


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I picked up the mouse and keyboard to begin playing Astroneer in the Summer of 2018, and I've been hooked since; but I have a problem: I'm a completionist gamer.  I finally gave up on games that grind a few years ago, but not before obtaining achievement titles for quest and rep grinding.  Still, I have those long-developed desires to do everything in the game: obtain all blueprints (check), build one (or many, many more) of everything (check), find those hard-to-find objects – or 14 of them, All Hail! – (check), do all of the community events (check).  Yes, I have a chess board with complete sets of Jasper and Lapis pieces, and a checkers board complete with red and blue holographic figurines.  I have built to excess the number of shelters I need in anticipation for the return of weather.  "Extra Large Platforms C," you ask.  Yes, I have ELP-Cs with extra ELP-Cs waiting for use.  There are stacks of RTGs, and Drills Strength 3.  I have 16 of every resource on display.

But what I don't have are the PAX East 2019 and the PAX West 2019 palettes and visors.  No, the Astro Recruit palette and Orbital Blue visor from PAX East 2019, and the PAL palette and visor from the PAX West 2019 elude me.  They mock me from the pages of the Official Astroneer Wiki like Howard mocks Rajesh; behind it there is friendship, but it still, kinda hurts a little.  Wait... am I Raj!  How did that happen?

Please, System Era Software, I can't be resigned to sadness, and loneliness this Christmas without these wonderful items in my customization catalog.

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