Backpack Improvements - Levels 1 - 7

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Backpack with sevaral levels of improvements. Maybe improvements that can be unlocked in quests, one quest for each planet.

Below I mention the Glowsticks. I'm pretty sure that on PS4 there is no way similiar to tethers that we can put manually glowsticks in the ground. There should be a button to put them in the ground.

Here goes:

Backpack Level 1

a) Has a built-in work light

- Same behavior as the usual work light
- Can be activated or deactivated
- There must be any source of energy to work
- Located in the middle, in a column next to the battery column, wich is very "fat"

b) Property of automatic self-assembly Glowsticks

- Automatic placement at the standard maximum tethers distance
- This property may be activated or deactivated by the player
- Manual placement of glowsticks available (PS4)
- The sticks must be produced in the same way as before, occupying the normal backpack slot

Backpack Level 2

a) Equipped with Level 1 enhancements

b) Equipped with a built-in mini solar panel, at the upper right of the backpack

- It does not affect the upper right slot, which can still be used to put hydrazin jet pack or anything else

c) Backpack battery storage capacity increased by 10%

Backpack Level 3

a) Equipped with Level 2 enhancements

b) Equipped with a small wind turbine attached to the upper left side

- Does not affect the upper left slot

c) Backpack battery storage capacity increased by 20%

Backpack Level 4

a) Equipped with Level 3 enhancements

b) Property of automatic self-assembly tethers

- The property can be enabled or disabled by the player
- The tethers must be produced in the same way as before, occupying the normal backpack slot(s)
- Manual placement still works (PS4 is Dpad down)
- There should be a button (I dont know where in the back pack) or switch with three colors/stages:
  i) blue - automatic tethers placement enabled;
  ii) green - automatic glowsticks placement enabled;
  iii) dark/deactivated: no automatic placement enabled

c) Backpack battery storage capacity increased by 30%

Backpack Level 5

a) Equipped with Level 4 enhancements;

b) Equipped with built-in oxygenator

- Replaces the "old" oxygen reservoir place in the backpack
- Oxygenator capacity and energy consumption the same as the portable oxygenator
- Can be activated and deactivated by the player. If deactivated, It becomes a simple reservoir

Level 6 Backpack

a) Equipped with Level 5 enhancements

b) Backpack equipped with improved compass, which would be always displayed on screen, on foot or inside the vehicle

- The compass display should be turned on or off in some kind of switch

Level 7 Backpack

a) Equipped with Level 6 enhancements (except letter c below);
b) Equipped with mini built-in RTG

- Replaces the battery icon
- Energy with enough amperage to support the portable oxygenator and the working light, or a little bit more
- Of course, the player can deactivate It, If he wishes, so that the RTG becomes a standard battery

c) The built-in mini solar panel (Level 2) and small wind turbine (Level 3) would be obsolete. May be removed

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I think mobile RTG might be good, but certainly not enough to constantly power the PO2(Portable oxygenator). I don't think the PO2 should replace the reservoir, just add to it, like a normal PO2 would do, and the RTG turning into a battery? I don't think anyone would ever do that, so maybe not, but if so, it could be added. I don't think the battery capacity should stack, it should only go up to 30% extra. The reason it shouldn't supply enough power to constantly power the PO2 is because, if it did, there'd be nothing keeping you to a tether. You could just walk around permanently, and technically, you can still do that, with a small generator, a PO2, and a backpack full of organic, but that's not "unlimited", you still might run out of organic, with this, either you become God, essentially, or if the mobile RTG can't supply enough power, you still are, if you remember to turn on your PO2.
Otherwise, +1

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With all these backpack enhancements that I suggested above, the player would have complete freedom for exploration. But doesn't that happen when we are in vehicles with 1 RTG? The vehicle has infinite oxygen and power source. And it's wonderful to explore Astroneer's planets. But, depending on the planet terrain, vehicle exploration is a difficult task.

Of course I don't want a God Mode for Astroneer. But, think about it, exploring an entire planet based on Tethers is tricky. Anyway, I just made a few suggestions for backpack improvement. Today I use almost all slots for tool placement only, there is almost no space left for material placement:

1 slot for Small Wind Turbine
1 slot for Hydrazin Jat Pack
1 slot for Work Light
1 Batery
1 slot for Portable Oxygenator
1 slot for Adicional Hydrazin Canister to replace the one in use
1 slot for Portabe generator
2 slots for Canisters
2 empty slots (sometimes with organic)
3 Terrain Tool slots occupied with augments

For me, the big problem is slot and freedom. I don't even ask for increasing the slots. But If the backpack is evolved so that many tools are buit-in inside the backpack, not occuping slots, It would help us a lot.

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all this talk about different kinds of backpack is very interesting. FrobeniusDF, youve clearly given this a lot of thought and i admire what you've done with it. i don't want to take anything away from that.

however, my thoughts here are that backpack improvements are really only worthwhile if they do one thing: provide extra storage sockets. everything people want in an improved backpack can pretty much be resolved by having extra sockets. there are a number of possible ways to implement this:

1) create a single socket item that somehow provides multiple single sockets of extra storage - sort of a pocket medium storage unit. it's not elegant, and i cant imagine what it might look like in the game, but it might work. probably a 1 to 3 ratio would work.

2) allow the packagizing of medium storage units that are full of items. this might require some new holographic displays to show off the contents, or just indicate a full storage with a different colour - orange boxes instead of blue, for example. you could take four packaged storage and four packagizers out, unpack them as you find resources and fill them, then package them back into your pack for transportation.

3) tabbed backpack. for, say, 10,000 resource points (and an item of rare resource, possibly synthesized) you could purchase an extra level of backpack sockets and craft them using the on-board printer. this gives you tabs down the side of your pack (up to four, i think) allowing you to carry a great deal more stuff. each tab would cost 10,000 points and a new, rarer resource.

personally i'd go for a tabbed backpack - seems elegant and effective and isn't without precedent within collecting style games.

Edited by Bron
missed a zero off my points level there.

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Simply more slots would satisfy me. so that upgrades such as batteries, o2 tank, wind/solar, terrain tool mods etc can be carried without eating every inventory slot. Currently I tends to get to a point where I can't even carry the materials needed for a print.

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