Double gateway bug solutions?

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Is there any update or more information for the double gateway bug on Glacio?  I'm using a save from before the creative update but I REALLY don't want to start again, I've spent a huge amount to time building my bases etc.. 

Has anyone confirmed that this doesn't happen with a new save?  is there any way to edit a  new save so I have my bytes and resources at least?

I see many people asking about this, but no solutions or anything.. 


PC Win10

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He Rifz, this is one of our most common bug reports, and is tracked in the following thread:
The important takeaway though, is that it should have only happened on existing saves from before the creative update, though if you're able to activate both the original and duplicate it should function as a normal gateway (can teleport to it, and it'll drop the barrier around the core)

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