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Hello everyone,

First of all... I REALLY LOVE THAT GAME ! Congratulations to the System Era team ! I played 6 hours non stop before remembering that there is another live aside... And that's why I write this topic. So nice game but things run out after a while. some quite important features need to be improved (I think) :

  1. Limited researches to perform, all is largely discovered in 3 hours.
  2. Need a system to send gathered resources to the base. It is really frustrating to go back to the base when you just discovered a very rare resource, just because your backpack and truck are already full of (also) interesting stuff. Maybe some drones, robots,... (that need to be powered, improved with devices (extra battery, arms, tank for liquids/solids, re-powering devices,...)) can follow stakes to get resources from the astroneer to the base. Then this arises the problem of storage in the base...
  3. Need roads tool. Otherwise, it becomes unfeasible to use the truck or any proposed vehicle. specially on non flat planets. maybe the gamer could use 2 stakes that he could place somewhere (one close to the base and another one at the end the road). Then a parallelipipede (section large enough for a truck) can be generated between those 2 points to "dig" through everything and have a flat road. If the "skin" of the hole is in the air, then it has to be solidify to make a bridge. This "hole" could be generated slowly by a big and slow tunneling robot to make it more fun. Or the road can be made by the truck itself, you can mount a device in front of it to level the ground in front of it, like snow plows in winter ?


For example, the fact that nothing more can be "researched" from "big balls" after few hours of playing (resources apart) is quite... frustrating. To solve it, it's quite easy. just implement ideas of new machines, robots, vehicles, components, gadgets,... which are poping everywhere in this topic. Here I propose just few ideas which are maybe "old moon" and already mentioned elsewhere on the forum, sorry for that :

  • A Pod Racer, like in star wars, you know that very fast and light vehicle that don't need to touch the ground a so avoid rocks and things like that. People can change the ground but it's quite hard to do it smooth and flat. But if you have a fast vehicle that doesn't touch the ground but hover over it, you could make a circuit "by hands", so rough, and make a exciting race with yours friends. It's very hard to do so currently with the lorry for example...
  • Improve the suit. It's is already very nice, but 10 places is really limited if you want to combine resources AND filter, batteries, oxygen tank,... I think that adding some slots on the arms, the legs, the helmet,... could add a lot of fun ! e.g. some propellers on the legs to have the already mentioned jet-pack or on shoes to damp a fall. This propeller can also be used under water ? A grapnel on the fist to reach remote places, a magnetic shield is also nice to protect from storms or any other hazards like radiation, poison smog, plants bite,... maybe a slot for a tent to rest when tired ? a resource detector to know where to dig
  • Maybe you could split the already existing machines/vehicles in several standards components to make it longer to build ? e.g. the structure from titanium and composite, the wiring from copper, the electronic from silicone, some rubber components for tires, build a coil generator from magnetic mineral and copper first then find a mechanical way to make it turning,...
  • extend the way of producing energy, I think about geothermal (already saw some fumes in the game), water fall, waves in oceans, nuclear (?), also use water hydrolysis (separate O2 (to breath from H2 (fuel) from any energy source)
  • need of robots that you can send in a place where you have made a reference point then it could start gathering resource in the neighborhood 
  • Have a kind of farm would also be very nice ! for food, of course, but also to change the atmosphere (terraforming, making it breathable), get bio energy, structural components (special wood, radiation absorbing coating, rubber,...), foe repulsive products, medicine compounds.
  • build a wall around the base to protect it from storms.


Some other points that go trough my mind :

  • It would be nice to discover resource by just digging the ground in the middle of nowhere, not specially in a cave but actually in the ground. Just increase resource concentration (one nest every
  • Water element could be very nice. to generate energy, life, new machines need (submarine, boat), new resources (weeds, fishes, sand,...)
  • It would be so nice to have sometimes a meteor crash happening on the planet, to have very rare resources from it like gold, silver, plutonium, uranium,...
  • It would also be nice to manually drive the space ship out of the atmosphere, to stop on asteroid and mining it for example. and don't have always and automated landing.
  • It would be very interesting to have a button to set back vehicles on their wheels if it falls in a hole or flip because of crash. or to have a tool to move it like resources/big balls.
  • move base buildings like O2/energy stakes would be also interesting to change base configuration easily or delete recycle them.
  • If recycling is a problem to manage on "software aspect", maybe a new building that could be like a quite big bowl on top of which recycled resource could appear from a tube connected to the wiring system which connects all buildings in the base. The recycled building could disappear (in the same way that is has been built) in the wiring (like the energy but with another color) and reach the bowl tube. Then the resources fall in the bowl. Then a button can tilt the bowl to let resources fall on the ground to be stored manually by the gamer.

If I get something else, I'll be back. But for me this is the most important currently. specially have plenty of things to "research" :-)

Thanks again for developing such wonderful game !

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Nice to see that I'm not alone to wish that :-)

two other points :

  • Option to repair the suit : there could be some reasons to damage the suit. The already existing acid fog from plants but we can also imagine bushes with thorns or small high speed stones in the wind or aging due to radiation. So we could need some piece of tissues to fix holes in the suit or the helmet. Maybe also the storing slot could also be damaged ?
  • Independant O2 + energy generator : When you play with a friend and go in a remote place for resource harvesting, you need to go back together when the truck is full. Nobody can stay alone on site because no more oxygen. If we can take a module that could behave like a substation, it would be interesting. Of course, you could say that we just need to take 2 trucks to go... But it's still strange to me to have unlimited oxygen on a truck. The "energy" thing is more trustable because you can run out of it on the truck. It's still missing for oxygen. The easiest way to get oxygen is to start from water which coming from rain, morning dew or any river, lake,... Maybe some chemist guys here could propose another way ? can we have it from already existing resources (minerals, plants,...) ?
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Er... just to mention what has been said on another topics. OF COURSE, we don't need all that stuff in the first "commercial version" of the game ! But I think (even if I never been a programmer !) it is nice to see "how far" can we go to know now how to prepare the path to there. If you will just make few buildings or gadgets, you make them as a single, beautiful piece. But if you will have plenty of different (and evolving ! ) types of each, I think you better start from blocs with functions (energy, computer, oxygen, machining center, storage, engine, propeller, anchorage plug, wheel/caterpillar, wings,...) that you put together to make the wished building or gadget. SO, for that, we need now to know how far we will go together, to choose how to program the thing now. For modular stuff, maybe we can get inspired from the game "bad piggies", which is, in fact already the case I think... But keep going ! :-)


bad piggies 1.png

bad piggies 2.png

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Thanks ! :-)

Another cool stuff I heard in my courses in primary school is an elevator from ground to the space, using a huge amount of carbon fiber as a rope and a ground laser to supply energy to the lift. This was suggested to reduce the amount of fuel needed to launch space shuttle in the space. This can also be combined with the already mentioned space station that could be at the other tip.

It could also be nice to invent a resource which moves, I mean which is hard to find. It could be a kind of extraterrestrial being, not especially living, maybe a cloud or rolling bushes. This would add a bit of challenge :-)

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