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Missing Components and Possible Fixes [My List]

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- Skip Bins for collecting scrap
- Larger Battery Sizes
- Hydrogen powered generators (already suggested)
- A better landing platform setup so that fuel can  be pre-queued to be loaded when the rocket lands
  (Also as mentioned in fixes, might need a slot to place a beacon)
- Vehicle docking bays for charging (see also fixes)

- Vehicle speeds are way to fast (you barely need to touch controls to move, no acceleration)
- Cannot find bodies even though there are beacons on backpacks  (the beacon can be seen if you're on the same floor but you cannot see it any other time. I have fallen accidentally down several floors and then been unable to find my corpse. It also doesn't help that if you leave your corpse for any amount of time the backpack is automatically destroyed.
- It is possible to put storage inside a small shuttle but the components stick out of the craft in flight
- You can scrap all the vehicle components EXCEPT for the main vehicle, when i try to package it and then put it in the shredder it refuses. A vehicle docking bay attachment would be nice
- Landing pads do not show when there isn't a habitat present (and materials aren't available immediately to fix this problem), I currently use beacons but if you forget to place one you lose your base really easily. Would be nice to have a slot to dock one at least.
- Make it so that turning on and off lights, Changing the color of the beacons etc. has a button (I keep accidentally hitting the stupid things when inside vehicles)
- The alignment tool should also allow selecting of the angle of the drill so it can be locked in place (atm it does not stay)

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