Placing Non-Hazardous Plants in Creative


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Idea/Suggestion: Being able to place non-hazard/organic giving plants in creative.

Within the creative inventory/research, there would be another button that would have a plant symbol on it. In that tab, there would be the items and objects for a player to place non-hazardous plants such as:

  • Large Plants
    • ie Large cave plants (found in the mantle)
  • Medium plants
    • ie Trees, Cacti
  • Small Plants
    • ie Grass, Mushrooms
  • Research/Byte Giving Plants
    • ie Spherical Bushes

Another possible method to place these plants would be an auto generation tool. This tool would possibly work by having the player select the terrain color(s) they want his or her selected plant to generate on or have him or her "color" in an area to generate selected plant, then clicking a generate button.

This idea could also include placing large researchable items (such as the ones found in trees and in caves), other research/byte giving objects (such as the stalagmites in caves), Debris, and other items that cannot be obtained through the creative inventory (such as Large Starship Horn).

In conjunction with the terrain tool, players would be able to decorate their own worlds and create their own woods, plains, mushroom forests, or gardens with ease without having to make do with what is already there. 

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On 10/1/2019 at 8:56 AM, EmeraldGamerr said:

    OK, picture this:

You just flattened all the soil around your shelter, and now its barren of all life. Its just a bleak, grey splotch in the middle of a colorful environment (if you didn't use a terrain analyzer.) Now what?

    Well, If what i'm thinking looks better in game than on paper, this could help. If there was a mod that you could put on your drill that, at the cost of soil/organic, you could replant the fauna local to the planet. Think about it. I for one love the life located on planets, and if you go late game like me, you soon start to see it all disappear. How would it work? Simple! You place the mod on your drill, and as long as you have a soil canister, the seeds that are most likely inside the soil in which you have collected (not the literal seeds that you can collect) can be replanted at the cost of the soil itself. The longer you hold the drill in one place, the larger the plant, but the more soil you use up. This would be how it could go from grass, condensed grass, and larger plants. (harmful plants cannot be spawned in this way. Or can they🤔.) If the soil thing doesn't sound too fancy, maybe the mod uses organic located in your inventory, who knows. Maybe you could "upgrade" already existing grass or fauna in the area. Maybe its just a mod for creative. What do you think? Anything to add?


On 10/2/2019 at 3:01 PM, EmeraldGamerr said:

not like thistlewhip and dagger root seeds, im talking about the theoretical "seeds" found in my soil concept (imaginary). This is all about replanting the variants of grass and small plants, the stuff you collect for organic, ya know?



On 10/2/2019 at 3:05 PM, EmeraldGamerr said:

For example, you COULD be able to replant all that purple grass and those green stem looking plants with the theoretical "seeds" that can be found in the soil once collected in a canister, and if you hold the left mouse button (or right trigger for console), you COULD grow that grass you just planted into larger plants, like those flag looking ones next to the shelter and gateway. But, If you want to "upgrade" the pre-existing grass or stem plants into those flag plants, you can just hold the same button, but over an already existing patch of grass or stem plant.


On 10/4/2019 at 2:18 PM, EmeraldGamerr said:

    another reason that I believe the mod should use organic is so it prevents an infinite organic grinder XD that wouldn't be good. I really enjoy this idea, and hope one day its looked into by the devs. Its a small addition (in the eyes of the player and not the developer, because its probably more complicated than it sounds to make) but one that would be greatly appreciated. Like, A LOT.

I hate lifeless terrain

This is a post I made not too long ago...  sorry, I don't know how to make a "link" to an old post

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