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A better soil collection vehicle using one medium rover

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The following is right after you have gotten Wolframite and have built the chem lab

An easy soil collection vehicle using one medium rover is putting the drill up front, seat on top front, medium canister on top rear and a medium battery on the back. But what if you wanted to carry two medium canisters? You would think there was no way to fit all that. That you couldn't use a large storage up top because he rover seat won't work in one of those slots. What you need to do is think outside the box as I do :)

When you are sure which way the rover goes forward, leave the drill bit on the front, but put the rover seat at the rear (backwards). Use the large storage up top with two medium storage's in it, the medium battery and a medium storage . On the medium storage put three or four small wind turbines and or solar's, a small generator (for emergency loss of power), a flood light at the top (front and rear) and a beacon.

When you sit in the seat you will see the same thing as when you have the seat at the front and now you've got one heck of a soil collector.


Hint: Most players run straight through a mountain. The best way to do it is to go to the top of a mountain and work in layers. Moving back and forth as to scrape the entire mountain away. So when you are done after several dozen trips, you'll literally have a mountain of soil processed.

The reason you only use one rover is because of all the efficient back-up's you need to do.


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