Me and my SON Stuck in core of an CO-OP game

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I bought the game for me and for my son, he started a game and i joined into his game.

During playing my character appeared for no reason in the core of the planet, and I cant go back now, I cant kill my character even to restart my spawn point.

His character is working fine and loading normally.

 We tried reloading the game many times, but no luck.

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I solved the problem by sticking my head outside the barrier, so i ran out of oxygen and died.

Astroneer support ideas:

1- If you change who is host by exchanging the save file you should both respawn on Sylva without issue.

2- Activate one of the gateways you can find on the surface, which will lower the barrier around the core, allowing you to get out.

3- Have your son come down to the core with a seat - if it's outside the barrier you should still be able to sit in it, which will essentially teleport you through the barrier.

Thank you

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