Purchase Order Snafu

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I received a purchase order from EXO Dynamics. They require 240 units of Wolframite. I say "great, I can fill that order!" I have 10 hours to fill the order, so it should not be an issue at all. I think I can have it completed and back to base within five hours. 
So I prep the big shuttle, (BS 4:20) with 10 storage silo B's. But first I had to make the 10 storage silo B's. After I created the 10 storage silo B's I gathered all the other items I would need to collect some Wolframite. Then I head off to Calidor. 
I spent a few hours on Calidor filling those 10 storage silo B's

Once filled I return to Sylvia, my home base, I begin to unpack the 10 storage silo B's, filled with 240 units worth of, Malachite 💨

After unloading BS 4:20, I created another 10 storage silo B's and am now back on Calidor!
Wish me luck! 👁️ 

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