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Suggestion: Find/Build GPS satalite uplink. Multi gps satalites per planet to get a MAP layout

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I've played Astroneer from prealpha stages.  In fact, its the one game that I've come back to for the last 4 years.  I've purchased the game for numerous friends and several copies for myself and kids.  I'm 37 and live in Arkansas.  I have one good friend from college who lives in Alaska.  Astroneer is what keeps us close even after not seeing each other physically for 6 years.  I'd like to thank @SES_Adam @SES_joe and the rest of the team for creating such a great experience.  After watching the documentary just before 1.0 shipped, I know the investment you, your family, and friends have put into it, and hoping my insignificant thank you will be more encouragement to your fire.

Having played so much one thing i keep coming back to is a map system.  Yes, there is a compass, but I still get lost even in super late game.  I suggest a GPS update.


Requirement is to get parts to send multiple satellites (3? per planet) into orbit around each planet.

Most parts can be made, some parts MUST be found (either or on top of the planet or beneath, REQUIRING exploration)  It may even be find enough satellite space junk, return to base camp, 'fix/weld' the pieces together, then put it in your spaceship and launch.  Focusing on the exploration to find the require parts should be higher priority.  Would be nice to actually utalize all the random space junk you find around the planet.

Completing 3 and linking them together will give a basic map (maybe just beacon and home layout in the bottom corner of the hud)

You'd need to repeat this for each planet to get the beacon/home/vehicle layout per planet.

There could be a amount of use per satellite (or link) and it would 'require' you to fly to the satellites and repair or power them, therefor something would need to be done for use (similar to the jet pack requiring hydrozene for use)

Hope that makes sense.  Again, much appreciation for what you've done.

Many thanks,



(here's my little side business website to get to know me better :P  You'll notice my Astroneer t-shirt proudly worn in some of my youtube videos! )


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