re: Solid Fuel Jump Jet; I just don't 'get' it. Someone sell me on it.

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So for the first time in a long time I started using the Solid Fuel Jump Jet. I usually skipped it as I prefer reusable items (Hydra Thruster vs Solid Thruster), but I was curious so I was recently toying around with it. I must say, I am underwhelmed.

I just dont understand it's role. at 5000 Bytes its easily a mid-tier item, but Aluminium Alloy is easily an "early game" type of Ingredient.

What I really don't like is it's functionality. It has just enough thrust to get you high enough to kill you from fall damage. Thats it. It can't help you scale a mountain, it cant help you traverse terrain much more quickly than running...

If the point of the item is to be able to "jump up" the small cliffs you find when exploring underground... I can just use the terrain tool to carve myself a path for free... If the item is supposed to be some kind of safety to stop you from taking fatal falling damage... the Byte count is way too high.

"Small Hops and Jumps" just seems like "why make an item for that?" 


There is nothing the Solid Fuel Jump Jet can accomplish that I cannot accomplish with a Small Canister and some soil.


I really think System Era should take a closer look at this item and flesh it out some more. Perhaps it's unlocked from the start? Maybe it functions more similarly to the Hydrazine Jet Pack where I can simply hold down Jump for thrust, instead of these weird short bursts...

The balancing seems way off and after using the item it doesnt fill a need for me.

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1 hour ago, thebloxxer11 said:

I think that reducing the byte cost is a fair change.

That would be smart. Maybe its kind of like dynamite... It doesn't have much of a use but I cost supplies. Dynamite's probably just for fun and for killing your self XD. I know from experience!

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That was all I was gonna say on it, so... ok. Solid Fuel thrusters are supposedly the intro to the jetpacks, to save you from total death, but other than that, no, not a lot of purpose. I generally don't even get it, except for the my save where I was just unlocking everything.

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