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Most Common Bug Reports as of 11/21/19

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Hi everyone!

To get a bit more visibility for you guys on our known issues, I’m going to be trying to keep a running list of the most reported bugs and, if available, any work-arounds that are available.

If you’re experiencing frequent crashes submit a ticket to - please include as much information as possible about what you were doing when it happened, and if you’re on PC please include your DxDiag!

Double Gateways on Glacio

  • Since the Creative Update, existing saves seem to have duplicated some, if not all, of the gateways on Glacio. These tend to function as normal, though you may need to activate both gateways to get to the core. We’re still investigating fixing this for existing saves, and to avoid it happening again!

PS4 Error Code CE-37720-9

  • This error is related to the system being busy while making a local backup on the disk. The good news is that this does not result in lost data, though can take some time before going away. If this does result in a corrupted save please don’t hesitate to let us know!

Xbox Vehicles Getting Stuck in Terrain

  • While drilling it is possible for rovers’ wheels to get stuck in terrain, and has also been observed to happen with the buggy regardless of drilling. Currently the only way to unstick it is to dig it out, but we’re hopeful to have a fix soon.

Windows Store Not Saving

  • It has been observed that being enrolled in the Windows Insider program can result in the UWP version not saving at all. This can be circumvented by opting out of Windows Insider and rolling back Windows to the previous update.

No Pillars in the Core

  • While not game-breaking, this can certainly make it much harder to leave the core. This can almost always be rectified by exiting to the main menu and reloading the save.

Terrain Out of Thin Air!

  • If you haven’t played since the Creative Update and load up a world only to find that your base is covered in terrain, this is a byproduct of fixing an even worse terrain related bug. This terrain should not return after you remove it.

The Wanderer Did Not Appear

  • This is an issue we’re currently looking into, and while I can’t force the achievement, submit a ticket to me and I will at least be able to grant you the Suit and Palette.

If you’re not seeing the bug you’d like to report on this list, please either post it here on the forums, or email it to me at - either way it will be seen!

Thank you!

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