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Stuck floating in space with no rocket at all. Can't find anything about this anywhere

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Hey, so spoilers follow due to how the bug occured. 

Playing with a friend, I'm the host of the lobby. We dug to the core of atrox before realising we couldn't activate due to not doing a surface activation first. I decided to suicide, do the activation above ground so we could finish the core of that planet. While I was on the surface and my friend was still in the core, we had a lag spike and my friend got disconnected. When my friend rejoined the game, he was forced to spawn in as if fresh, he spawned in with all the items he had, we thought ah well, must have been due to the DC. 

He then gets in an unrelated rover in our main base and the game blasts him into space out of nowhere, literally barrels out of the planet into the skybox.. Here's the interesting thing - due to the disconect and where he was in the game, he didn't need oxygen when he spawned back in. It was as if the game thought he was still at the core. He got out of the rover thinking maybe he would suffocate and spawn back, but he's still floating endlessly with unlimited oxygen.

We have tried uninstalling, duplicating saves, everything possible. Any time my friend joins me in our save now, he is floating through space. 

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