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seems this a common issue other ps4 players are facing, the entire save file is becoming corrupted and DELETING itself. no this isn't a "clear your cache" or "initialise you ps4" situation, there is a major issue with saving and possibly vehicle save points. 

also a noteworthy 15+ hours hecking down the drain.

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Fix it ASAP Please.

 I facing the same problem on PS4 pro,the game with a certain time the data get corrupted and the save data get deleted by it self.

The game is unplayable.

I also think that the saving on the vehicle can be part of the problem.

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6 hours ago, Mskylion said:

YES! Need to be fixed ASAP.

They should make a autosave setting set to every 15mins or so and/or when you enter the HAB/Shelter or portable Shelter you get a manual renaming pop-up save screen.

My best solution is make a duplicate of the 1st save your playing then play of the duplicate and when done save if lets you then make dupicate of that one and rename it and upload the save up to PS Plus Save data cloud and repeat and when your ps4 save data is corrupted load it up from the cloud.. let me know if this helps at all.. I know its a lot to do..

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This is a known issue and encountered by various PS4 users. The issue is reported by the users and the saved files get corrupted and deleted automatically.

So, here you need to rebuild the PS4 database, or you can manually delete the corrupted data.

Before heading towards the fixes make sure to boot your PS4 in safe mode. And to do so, turn off your PS4 after that hold the power button until you listen to two beeps sound (One on pressing the button & another after few seconds). Now the PS4 is booted in Safe Mode, be sure to follow the solutions given carefully.

  • First head to Settings > System Storage Management > Saved Data > Media Player.

·        Then get into the Media player folder. Here the “corrupt data” saved file might appears

·        Now hit the Options button > delete saved corrupt data file.

  • Lastly exit.

This will help you to fix PS4 corrupted data.

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