After Creative Mode, how about Survival next?

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Now that creative has been released i think the next thing the game should focus on is to add various types of hazards and challenges to counteract how trivial the game has become after all the updates since launch. Because as it stands for me there is really nothing interesting left to do. even take something like the wanderer update: with a drill+paver rover it's just a matter of driving in a straight line towards the objective... the ability to completely ignore the terrain makes it entirely uninteresting and merely a short grind.

The idea of a survival mode is to have a game mode different then sandbox that is differently balanced and with new additional hazards for those players that seek this kind of gameplay. for one this mode would be tailored for replayability, i.e. it would encourage to start new games with different starting conditions like on different planets and other factors increasing difficulty (ofc with special achievements and special visual unlocks). the plan would then be to slowly add new hazards for each planet (from the quoted list below) along with a new starting location and a challenge to survive that. this could be done in an iteration of one planet & hazard per patch.

furthermore for the survival mode only there should be a complete rebalance of the mechanics that trivialize the game the most, namely terrain modification tools. there is a reason why for example games like Subnautica originally had a terrain tool in it's early access that was removed in the final game due to how negatively it impacted exploration which is what the game is all about. this is of course no template for Astroneer but still something to learn from: for example rework terrain hardness to become a relevant mechanic (for example better drills drain significantly more power (x5-x15)? drilling slowdown even for diamond drills? drill wear? no drill mods for terrain tool - it doesn't even drill, it sucks terrain!) and power management (mid and late game i had never to worry about power at all since there is barely anything that consumes constant power; on top of that RTGs make everything obsolete). please just make it so that finding a cave that leads downwards is far more rewarding than straight drilling a new passage downwards from right where you are!!

the other thing is resource abundance. Finding my first Laterite (aluminium) vain of Silva felt like it suffices for the entirety of the game with the only challenge of how to transport that much stuff in the early game? we don't consume alu in these quantities so having such large and easily accessible deposits early on makes it near worthless and trivializes progression. Interestingly on Calidor however i found that laterite deposits in the shallow caves are much smaller and don't extend into the ground at all. but of course that doesn't matter as it isn't a starting planet. Anyhow i think there should be difficulty/world-generation settings when starting a new game, one of witch would be resource scarcity. 

for reference here are a few topics i made about balancing:


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I agree entirely. A survival mode with the original weather would do it for me.  - That and the dedicated servers would bring me back to the game. It seems to me that providing dedicated servers would be an opportunity to increase your revenue and add a steady source of recurring revenue. I'm assuming that there would be a monthly/yearly charge to access a permanent dedicated server. I'd happily pay $5/month for a server, maybe even $10.

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